DMV: Nats to Thank Rizzo by Firing Him?

jerry-dipoto-playa.jpg“Multiple sources insisted Tuesday that the Nationals are on the verge of announcing that Diamondbacks VP Jerry DiPoto is about to be named Nationals GM, replacing [Mike] Rizzo, who has been interim GM since replacing Jim Bowden.” [Gordon Edes]

An endorsement for Rizzo, who shined in the Strasburg negotiations. [Nats Enquirer]

An endorsement for not caring, because it’s just a GM, I guess. [Nats Inquisition]

Update: CBS Sports has another report on DiPoto to D.C. [Danny Knobler]

It doesn’t sound like Strasburg will pitch for the Nats in 2009. [Nats Journal]

Boras: If Strassy were Cuban he’d be even filthier rich. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Why the Strasburg deal going until 11:58:43 was a good thing. [City Desk]

O’s tailspin continues, lose eighth out of 23 since the break. [The Sun]

Matt Wieters has looked “overmatched” in the show. [Roch Kubatko]

Remembering for Orioles reliever/beautiful man Don Stanhouse. [Toy Dept.]

Video of Jason Campbell doing Zorn’s big-balls drill. [NBC Washington]

Reed Doughty and Chris Horton seem like chill bros. [NBC Washington]

A preview/prediction for Maryland’s home opener with JMU. [Testudo Times]

Finally, Brendan Haywood said some stupid shit the other day about Stephon Marbury being gay. It wasn’t Junkies-level stupid, mind you, but stupid nonetheless. He has since apologized, and there’s a lot of good discussion about it in and around the NBA blogging community, so check that out. [Yardbarker, Ball Don’t Lie, FanHouse, TrueHoop, The Ham Sandwich]

Today: Rockies-Nats (7:05), O’s-Rays (7:08)

8 thoughts on “DMV: Nats to Thank Rizzo by Firing Him?”

  1. I bought my first Redskins Mania scratcher today from the VA Lottery. $20 is steep but I don’t think I’ll be able to resist the temptation of possibly winning season tickets for 20 YEARS. I’ll let you know if I win.

  2. Wow… not giving the job to Rizzo after all of this is seriously f’ed. After the Nyjer trade and the Strasburg signing what hasn’t he done?

    Seriously f’ed up in my opinion.

  3. So far? Dude, how long does it take you to scratch a lotto ticket?

    As for Rizzo, I’m torn. From a PR perspective, the timing is awful. But from a baseball perspective, if they’re gonna make a change, make it sooner than later.

  4. I don’t have anything against Rizzo but he hasn’t done anything so spectacular.

    It seems illogical to say that both the Nyjer trade and the Strassy signing were good.

    In the Nyjer trade you have to go against the logic of the scouts and trade a high level prospect (or at least a recently high level prospect) for a solid help-us-now OFer in Nyjer.

    The Strassy signing is for the long term good and to like it you have to go with the scouts and believe that he won’t be Ben McDonald.

    You can’t just believe/disregard scouting reports on a whim.

    I think its blatant homerism to support both moves. One or the other? Fine. But to support both moves is to contradict yourself.

  5. Rizzo has done a good job cleaning up Bowden’s mess. Not sure that means he should get the job, but I like what he has done.

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