Cooleys vs. Mottrams Throw-Off Part II, in Which the Outcome is Determined

As promised last Thursday, here is our half of the throw-off against the Cooleys. (Watch their half here, or after the jump.) The video evidence provides a clear winner to the competition. Spoiler alert: It’s the Mottrams.

Two quick footnotes to the throw-off: 1) We attempted to record an accuracy portion, but Jamie’s camera had no memory left. Keep in mind his daughter’s first birthday party was the day before; 2) No stakes were ever set, so feel free to let us know what our award should be. We’re thinking free tickets to a Skins game this year. The Cooleys probably know people who can make that happen.

16 thoughts on “Cooleys vs. Mottrams Throw-Off Part II, in Which the Outcome is Determined”

  1. What about a street drag race next, the Cooley’s can add Lavar and the Mottram can add Beef?

    Good toss Train…Chris, you should stick to blogging!

    and if it’s only ONE game, it better be home Dallas!

    -the bull

  2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You two donkeys couldnt find a football field with ACTUAL yard lines to throw at? Not that I wanted the Cooleys to win but you two sucked it up big time.

  3. Uh, those were actual yardlines. That’s what the white stuff on the field every five yards was. They just weren’t marked w/ numbers.

    And, in case you didn’t notice, it isn’t HS football season yet. So no, we couldn’t find a real field that was marked — only that practice field that we used.

    If by “sucked it up” you meant “out-threw the Cooleys,” then sure, you’re right on.

  4. StetSports,

    Chad Dukes also thinks Michael Vick would be a good tight end. I doubt he knows how to hold a football let alone throw one.

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