Cooleys vs. Mottrams Throw-Off, Part I

Nearly two months ago, Jamie posted video of Chris Cooley tossing a football to little tikes, after which he declared “Cooley throws like a girl.” Based on that video, this seemed like a factual statement.

This then prompted the Brothers Cooley to challenge the Brothers Mottram to a good ol’ fashion throw-off. (Or maybe we challenged them; I don’t really recall.) With the Cooleys living in Ashburn, VA and the Mottrams residing on opposite sides of North Carolina, the logisitics were tricky.

But alas, the Cooleys have held up their end of the challenge and recorded the results. (Jamie and I will be doing the same this weekend in Wilmington, NC and posting our half of the throw-off on Monday.)

A few things we’d like to point out:

1) Tanner’s claim that we’ve never played organized sports is false. Fact: Combined, we’ve played just about every sport in an organized fashion. Except football. Probably not a useful resume for this specific competition.

2) The accuracy portion of this video is pointless. In all of our years playing backyard two-hand-touch and Turkey Bowls, we’ve never had the occasion to throw at a target 10 feet off the ground. Every pass at the crossbar would be incomplete. We shall come up with a better accuracy test for our portion.

3) We are 100% certain that our combined distance will beat the Cooleys 105-yard total.

Remember: Come back Monday to watch a couple bloggers beat an All-Pro tight end in a football competition.

14 thoughts on “Cooleys vs. Mottrams Throw-Off, Part I”

  1. 105 yards? You are effed. A.C. Slater could only manage 60 when he was at Bayside. That got him a college scholarship to a terrible sitcom though…

  2. Next challenge…

    Cooley Bros. Vs. Mottram Bros.

    Who can blog the fastest. Two laptops, 2 paragraphs, 1 winner.

    Its only fair since you are going to their “Turf” bring them to your “Turf”.

  3. Anyone else notice that we didn’t actually see either of them thow the ball towards the goalpost? All we saw was the flight of the ball, not the release. I smell fraud!

  4. I don’t think you two want to challange them to anything involving drinking.

    A gay TV triva contest would be a better idea. I know you two watch Idol, Bachelor(ette), Project Runway, etc.

    And it was suspicious that you didn’t see either actually throw the passes at the goal post.

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