Varlamov: American Women Are Too Fat

varlyblades1.jpgCaps 20-year-old goalie Simeon Semyon Varlamov is featured in the latest issue of Russia’s OK! Magazine. You can try to read it on the mag’s website, or you can see it all in English over at Japers Rink. The highlight is Varly discussing the, um, “larger portions” offered by the fairer sex in America:

“I have a true love, so I don’t look at any other women. You know, I’m extremely fortunate that I met a Russian girl in America. It’s difficult to look at a lot of the local women. You get the feeling that just don’t take care of themselves! There are an awful lot of heavyset ones. But Russian girls have nice trim figures. I couldn’t imagine myself being with an American girl.”

Is that right, Semyon? Well, let me introduce you to the perfect physical specimen. It’s called SCIENCE, and it says Russia has a higher percentage of overweight women than America (although we have the larger portion of “obese” females … go big or go home, AMIRIGHT ladies!?).

Oh, and nice rollerblades, bro.

9 thoughts on “Varlamov: American Women Are Too Fat”

  1. “SCIENCE” and statistics are fun, but it does say right at the bottom of the page:

    “NB: data are not necessarily directly comparable due to different years of survey and varying age ranges.”

    And if you do want to compare, Russia only has 3% more overweight women than the US, while the US has 11% more obese women than men. If you’ve ever been to the country, you can tell that most of the overweight women are signficantly older, while the US has porkers running around in high school and college and in their early 20s. I would take my chances on a 20- or 30-something Russian woman over an American one anyday.

  2. Ok. White seriously. A good way to evaluate is to go to online dating sites. Or for that matter hit a bar scene in the US and in Moscow. haha :))

    US? Pick just about any major US city (Miami is an exception, or frisco, or chi town.) US? a complete chunk-fest. The women put on their oversized cloths thinking that it makes them look thinner…what a friggin joke. Sorry, fat women dont’ do it for me, or other guys.

    Now…Brazil? Cuba? ANY European city, NOW you’re talking!.! Common people…I am not fat…and I’m in a friggin wheelchair! What is it about Americna chicks porkin out anyway? How about a little less “I want fries with dat”

  3. Guys – if you want to see some of the sexiest girls, visit Russia and go for a walk.
    American women really are very noticeably more overweight, and not just the older but the younger one – their counterparts in Russia are much more attractive, not least because they are slender.

  4. He’s right! American women are way too chunky! I just went to my 30 year reunion. Most of the guys looked good but the women looked horrible. Even the skinny minis were huge.

  5. Also, in many countries like Russia, the women don’t have so many issues or hangups. They’re more down to earth, mentally and emotionally stable and they act more refined. American women are hypocrites. They complain about men, but act and behave even worse. Many of them don’t think twice about being violent, but want men crucified for acting violently. Many of them complain and even sue when they feel insulted, but tell men to quit being babies when men complain about being insulted by women. Double standards galore.

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