Albert Haynesworth Is So Rich, He …


  • … had 27 trees taken out of the backyard of his riverfront home in Knoxville (something his new boss knows something about).
  • … had his pool waterfall redone three times to get it just right.
  • … drives a $300,000 Mercedes AMG convertible.
  • … owns a boat that goes over 150 mph.
  • … also owns a Lazzara LSX 75, which is “a breathtaking 77-foot yacht” that “retails for roughly $4.2 million”, has four bedrooms, four bathrooms and “stark-white, ostrich-skin furniture.”

Yeah, ostrich skin, on his 77-foot yacht.

And the good news, if you’re a Skins fan, is that Haynesworth doesn’t feel he’s earned his non-guaranteed $100 million contract just yet, so he’s still busting his ass to collect every dime.

Why, I don’t know. If it was me I’d live like Eddie Murphy at the start of Coming to America, which is sort of the problem with the Skins’ approach.

2 thoughts on “Albert Haynesworth Is So Rich, He …”

  1. Train – I believe Ostrich-skin is waterproof, I saw it on the Discovery channel once, hence that pick over the much sought out Kangaroo.

    The Bull

    p.s. 500 team at best.

  2. Bull, I don’t know how you say “.500 at best”. They were 8-8 and have added Haynesworth, Dockery, Orakpo, a new punter and Keith Eloi’s magical leaping ability. It’s reasonable, sure, but not really optimistic.

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