Get to Know the Newest Wizard: Oberto!

oberto.jpgHere to help us figure out the Fabricio Oberto signing is KSK cofounder and Mr. Irrelevant Wizards correspondent Jack Kogod (@Unsilent).

After weeks of rumors and speculation, the Wizards have finally locked up a veteran big to shore up their undersized bench. While it hasn’t yet been made official, Fabricio Oberto is set to join the team after being waived by Detroit following a succession of trades. The 34-year-old Argentinian has spent his four NBA seasons with the Spurs where he averaged 15 minutes per game as an occasional starter.

While Oberto’s acquisition is not all that flashy, it serves the team’s needs perfectly. The Wizards get a capable big man to play about 10 minutes per game and provide rebounding and defense with the occasional basket thrown in for good measure. He can play either power forward or center, and unlike a rookie with a higher upside he won’t need a lot of time on the court to develop his game. For a team built to contend immediately this is a perfect use of the $1.99 million bi-annual exception.

And now for the pertinent information …

Oberto appears to maintain his own bi-lingual Twitter feed that shows off his love for the guitar. Clearly Oberto is a big music fan, with leanings towards bands like Pear Jam, Nirvana and U2 (for some reason), assuming his NBA bio is to be believed. He also has his own website, although there isn’t a whole lot going on over there at the moment.

All told it looks like Oberto will be a solid addition to Washington’s talented and versatile rotation. If only we could get him to drop an “I get buckets, son” on Steinberg we’d be all set.

BDL’s Oberto Photoshop FTW

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