Zimmerman Models ’09 Summer Fashions


We call this look “Nautical Douche.” He’s a bro with one thing on his mind: boating. And bitches. But we all know you can’t have one without the other. Right, bros? Pound it.

Note the popped collar, as to keep the sun off his neck, the white-rimmed shades, which can also be worn around M St. come nightfall after he’s docked his boat outside of Tony & Joe’s (MILFs, so money), the sailboat pants (did he mention he has a boat? It’s really no big deal), and, of course, the upscale mandels. Oh, and what time is it? Let him tell you with his Diesel rotolog watch. It’s from South Moon, bitch. Right next to Zimm’s townhouse. Clarendon, what? Pussy palace.

After the jump, another pic of Zimm with his multi-cultural bros, showing off more summer fashions.


Michael Kors, your thoughts on the Nautical Douche look?

(H/T: Matt Terl, who says Zimmerman seemed somewhat embarrassed by the outfits he was made to wear for the photo shoot. I have no idea why.)

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