Hey, the Skins Drafted Another Stud DE

jeremy-jarmon.jpgI didn’t know the NFL’s supplemental draft was today, nor did I know the Skins were planning on making a pick. Alas, it was, and they did.

His name is Jeremy Jarmon, he was a standout defensive end at Kentucky and the Skins used what would’ve been next year’s third-rounder on him. He was the only guy selected in the supplemental draft.

Get more info on the kid at the Redskins Blog (Jarmon’s an actor, and he’s also on the Twitter machine), but the two key bits are as follows:

  1. The NCAA suspended him for his senior season because of an over-the-counter weight loss supplement.
  2. Even with Brian Orakpo in the mix, the Skins sorely need help at DE.

All told, I’m conflicted on this one. Jarmon seems like a good value at 3 and was royally screwed by the NCAA, but I hate not having a full slate of picks next year (and the Skins are already out a sixth-rounder from the Jason Taylor trade; thanks, Vinny!). So what do you think?

5 thoughts on “Hey, the Skins Drafted Another Stud DE”

  1. It is tough giving up a pick, especially when we have so few every year, but the 3rd round is a good spot to pick up a quality DE. All this means is the Vinny won’t be able to select another TE with the pick.

  2. Prospects are prospects. How many All-SEC lineman will be available in next years 3rd round?

    I love this pick up.

    (disclaimer: The above in no way states that he will ever be any good in the NFL. I just think he is well worth a future 3rd to take a chance on him)

  3. I’d love to form an opinion on this pick, but know nothing about Jarmon. I guess (don’t wanna …) I’m gonna have to (this is painful …) trust Vinny’s judgment on this one. /vomits

  4. 1. I believed you’ve infringed on the copyright to the word “Stud,” owned by one Doc Walker.

    2. It’s not necessarily bad, but it doesn’t make Vinny look competent. Not by a long shot.

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