Wiz Pictorial: ‘Shaking the Hand of Stern’

Since we were robbed of seeing Ricky Rubio don an awful-looking Wizards hat, walk across the stage and take the hand of Commissioner Stern in a firm grip, here’s looking at players past who have had the honor. And, you know, the longer you look at actual Wizards draft picks (this includes every first-rounder of the post-Bullets era, by the way), the more comfortable you get with the idea of them being traded away.

1999, No. 7 overall: Rip Hamilton (traded to Detroit for Jerry Stackhouse)


2001, No. 1: Kwame Brown (traded to L.A. for Caron Butler)


2002, No. 11: Jared Jeffries (left via free agency)


2002, No. 17: Juan Dixon (left via free agency, returned, dismissed)


2003, No. 10: Jarvis Hayes (left via free agency)


2004, No. 5: Devin Harris (traded along with Stackhouse to Dallas for Antawn Jamison)


2006, No. 18: Oleksiy Pecherov (traded to Minnesota)


2007, No.  16: Nick Young (still getting warmed up)


3 thoughts on “Wiz Pictorial: ‘Shaking the Hand of Stern’”

  1. Epic. Fail.

    We could have at least had Stern shake hands with that $3 mil check with a Wizards sticker on it. That would at least been worth a few chuckles…

    I hate everybody…

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