Poll: Back to the Future for Wiz Uniforms?

wes-and-kareem.jpgWe’ve thought about this, especially back when Wes Unseld’s jersey was the hot throwback and more recently when the Caps found success rocking the red, but it comes to the fore with yesterday’s news that the 76ers are going back to their old logo unis.

Like the Wiz, they abandoned red, white and blue in ’97 for a trendy mess featuring the color bronze. But here Philly is, back to the old scheme, and getting praised: “The best ‘move’ of the young offseason clearly belongs to the 76ers’ marketing department.”

I hope someone with the Wizards is paying attention. It’d be hard not to, seeing as how they share a building with the Caps, who made the same ill-advised change in the ’90s but changed back two years ago. Now their fans are almost exclusively clad in new apparel; a harsh juxtaposition against Wizards fans, who only wear throwbacks and alternates.

I’m not saying the Wiz should become the Bullets again, though I’d be down with that too.* I’m just saying they should return to their traditional colors. And they should do it now, while sitting on a team that figures to bounce back with a healthy Gilbert Arenas and an in-his-prime Caron Butler. It’ll be a fun bunch, maybe even a winning bunch, and they could look good too.

* Gilbert said in a 2006 interview with us on Sports Bloggers Live that he’d like the team to go back to Bullets. But Gilbert says lots of things.

11 thoughts on “Poll: Back to the Future for Wiz Uniforms?”

  1. I agree with Stet and Gilbert! As uninspiring as hands plus arms below a basketball is, it’s still much better than an origami/triangle loving gandalf trying to be a globetrotter…

  2. Why would you want to stay Wizards. Your nickname is not going to instill fear in the hearts of your opponents. We may as be the Washington Necromancers…

  3. I asked Chris Whitney today whether he considered himself a Wizard or a Bullet (he played for both). He said a Wizard. Sad.

    He also told me he’s in business with Jahidi White. Happy.

  4. Here is a true story that happend Feb. 5 before the Kings vs. Caps game:

    My bro and I came out of Potbelly’s before the game -we were walking and saw Ted Leonsis across the street from the Verizon Center talking on his cell phone. We waited for him to hang up and went up to talk to him. I said “So if Abe Polin dropped dead tomorrow would you be the sole owner of the Wizards?” He said, “Yes and the Arena”. Then Leonsis asks me, “Do you like the Wizards name?” I told him that I didn’t really like it and was disapointed when they switched it from the Bullets. He says, “Yea I don’t really like it either, Im gonna try to get them to change it back to the Bullets.” I said, “You do that – you can sign me up for season tickets!” My bro took a picture of me with him and said thanks for turning the Caps around. He said “We haven’t done anything till we win the Cup!”

    Just an inside scoop for ya! LETS GO BULLETS!!!

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