DMV: Elijah Dukes Nearly Kills a Man

nick-green-bat.jpgDMV is a daily roundup of District-Maryland-Virginia (mostly) sporting links.

Boston continues having its way with us, wins 6-4. [WaPo]

Elijah exacts revenge by throwing sharp wood at Nick Green. [Big League Stew]

Great pics of Red Sox Nation’s invasion. [D.C. Sports Bog]

“Fans of visiting teams pay the Nats’ bills.” [Thomas Boswell]

Joe Beimel on his beard and when he plunked Dunn. [Bog]

Baltimore gets sloppy in Miami, loses 5-2. [The Sun]

Wieters is heating up, but that ROY talk can wait. [DC Landing Strip]

Stats say the Wiz are at best a 50-win team in ’09-10 … [Bullets Forever]

… though one man says the Wiz “could be a title contender.” [The Baseline]

Brendan Haywood  doesn’t seem sad to see Etan go. [Truth About It]

But Etan takes the high road on his way out of town. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Bad news for the Wiz: Cavs get Shaq for a pittance. [Wizards Insider]

The Wiz may deal the 32nd pick and Mike James for a big. [TWT]

Wizznutzz are on Twitter and will be live tweeting the draft. [Wizznutzz]

Sounds like Brashear won’t be a Capital next season. [Caps Insider]

Duke loses Elliot Williams; the ACC is wide open. [Testudo Times]

A petition to change the Skins new parking policy. []

Brooks never got Tony Kornheiser, and neither do I. [Sports by Brooks]

Today: Red Sox-Nats (7:05), O’s-Marlins (7:10), NBA Draft (7:30)

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