Overpaid Ex-Redskin to Possibly Become Underpaid UFL Player

Adam Archuleta, who the Redskins made the highest paid safety in NFL history back in ’06, was selected by the still nameless Las Vegas franchise in last night’s UFL draft. This means that Arch Deluxe (sigh) has the option to sign with Vegas and play in the UFL or continue being an unemployed former NFL player. Should he decide to play in the UFL, his head coach will be Jim Fassel. Assuming they ever actually play games — there’s no schedule yet.

(When you do a Google image search for “Adam Archuleta,” seven of the 18 photos on the first page are of his Playmate wife. And in nine of the remaining 11 photos, Archuleta looks like a total fucking douchebag god I hate this guy let us never speak of him again.)

5 thoughts on “Overpaid Ex-Redskin to Possibly Become Underpaid UFL Player”

  1. I don’t understand the hatred towards Archuleta. It seems pretty unfounded, I mean other than being bad at coverage what has the guy done to warrant this sort of criticism?

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