Video: Chris Cooley Throws Like a Girl

We’re big fans of Chris Cooley, and he’s doing a good thing here working with kids, but, he really, really can’t throw a football:

Considering he was two-sport star in high school and one of those sports was, you know, football, this is a bit surprising. That is, until considering his second sport: wrestling. And everyone knows that wrestlers (and lacrosse players) only wrestle (and play sweet lax) because they aren’t good at other things, like throwing.

(Video via Chris Cooley via The Redskins Blog.)

(Apologies to anyone offended by this post, including females, wrestlers, lacrosse players, the Cooleys and/or people who can’t throw good.)

UPDATE: The brothers Mottram have challenged the brothers Cooley to a throw-off, and the Cooleys have accepted. Now we must establish the rules of said competition. Lil’ help?

9 thoughts on “Video: Chris Cooley Throws Like a Girl”

  1. Some how you have to work shots of bourbon into the competition. And I think Smoot needs to be a judge.

    After the throw-off, how about a dance-off?

  2. maybe because getting drilled in the face by a football isn’t the lasting memory Chris wanted his campers to leave with.

  3. Distance should be easy enough (stand on the goal line and see how far we can hurl it).

    Same with accuracy (maybe stand on the 10 and see how many throws it takes to hit the goalpost).

    I’m at a loss for a third thing though, and we kinda need a third thing in case of a split.

  4. There are a couple of viable options. There can be a roll out pass competition that tests both arm strength and accuracy. Each person rolls out right five times and left five times throwing at the goal post. There could also be a winner take all game of “21” Back up 15 to 20 yards and you get 2 points if the other person catches it in front of the head/face and one point if they catch it in the body.

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