Matt Wieters Day Is Finally Here

We’d normally never direct your away from our own fine line of Mr. Irrelevant T-Shirt Shop products, but today is a special day. It’s Matt Wieters Day. The Orioles savior makes his Major League debut this evening against Dontrelle Willis and the Tigers at Camden. Expect the D-Train to be sent into a head-on collision with Wieters’ bat, which will be made out of the famous Baltimore smokestack, or so says this outstanding tee from

Friendly reminder: Someone (hint, hint) has a birthday today, so if you’re looking for any last minute gift ideas, I’d love one of those sweet Affliction Warrior Redskins shirts so my bros know how much I love MMA and the Skins. And kicking ass. But if that’s too expense, a Wieters tee will do. After all, he is the reason I comes before E, except after C. And the only thing more menacing than AFFLICTION gear is grammatically rules.

6 thoughts on “Matt Wieters Day Is Finally Here”

  1. That Redskins shirt is the worst thing that I’ve ever seen. Well okay, it’s second to the Holocaust Museum.

  2. Got my tickets, I’ll be there to see the man, the myth, the legend in person. Mayhaps I’ll write up a recap and submit it to the Brothers Mottram for them to share.

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