Cabrera Makes Nats GM Rizzo Sleepy

Nationals GM Mike Rizzo on why they decided to dump Daniel Cabrera yesterday (emphasis on the awesome part is mine):

“I look beyond the contract and look at the execution and performance of the player, and it wasn’t up to par. I was tired of watching him.”

Steven at Fire Jim Bowden called that jab at Cabrera on his way out the door “classless,” “disrespectful,” and “mean-spirited.” All true. But sometimes it’s nice to hear the GM, or manager, say something we’d say about this team. Daniel Cabrera is exhausting to watch. He was averaging nearly eight walks per nine innings. Not only is his fastball its usual uncontrollable self, but it’s also no longer fast. His SO/BB ratio is .46 this season. His WHIP 2.075. I’m getting tired just looking at those stats, let alone watching him produce them.

If only the Nats could’ve had the Cabrera from two years ago when he’d K seven and only walk five per nine innings. You know, back when we were all certain he had talent but was just wasting it. Although he’s turning 28 tomorrow. Still plenty young for the Mets to pick him up so he can return to Washington and throw a complete game against the Nats.

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