7 thoughts on “Fashion Fail: The O’s-Colored Nats Hat”

  1. Saw this one at Sunday’s game, and I was very, very tempted to openly mock the toolshed that was wearing one. This is almost as bad as the A’s/Giants double-cap from my youth. Just an abomination.

  2. It was the cap for Hendrix College, who are the Warriors. The school colors are Orange and Black. They only kept it for one year, as it’s ugly as sin. There’re only around 40 out there, so I wouldn’t be worried about seeing one again. Most of them are in Arkansas or Texas, and the one in the picture’s back home in Georgia now.

  3. I love the hat. Grew up rooting for the O’s with a father who always wore an old school Senators hat, so now I’m right down the middle. Where can I buy one?

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