Nats Park Just Got a Whole Lot Boozier


The Bullpen beer garden opened last Friday outside of Nats Park, and a few friends of the site, including Mr. Irrelevant Maryland sports correspondent Andy Peden, christened the joint before and after last night’s Nats-O’s game.

Their pics are seen here, and their words mostly consisted of “cornhole!” and “$5 beers!” That first thing deserves the exclamation point, at least relative to Nats Park’s post-apocalyptic surroundings. That second thing not so much, at least until realizing Boddingtons is on the menu.


The place is run by the same guy who owns Smith Point, so hopefully it’ll retain its drunken everyman vibe and not descend into the snoothole that the Georgetown establishment prides itself on being (or at least was five years ago, when I was young enough to go there).


Oh, and the Nats lost 4-2 despite a quality start from Z-Mann and another home run from Z-Man. But, you know, cornhole!

One thought on “Nats Park Just Got a Whole Lot Boozier”

  1. I went the other night before a Pirates game. Its pretty nice when not super crowded, though these Yankees don’t seem to get how to play cornhole

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