DMV: Of Course the Wiz Lost the Lottery

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Despite blogging/daydreaming about for Blake Griffin since November, the Wiz get the worst possible result in last night’s Lottery, will pick fifth. [WaPo]

Wilbon’s thinking trade or PG (Flynn, Evans, Lawson, etc.). [Michael Wilbon]

The Lottery loss caps off an awful week for D.C. sports. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Nats come back from down 5-0 only for the bullpen to lose it. [WaPo]

Streaks: Guzman has walked in two straight, Zim has reached base in 37 straight and the Nats have scored five or more in 10 straight. [Roto Arcade]

Detwiler gets another start, Saturday vs. Baltimore. [Nats Journal]

Roster moves, including Dukes to the DL with a hammy. [Chatter]

Another Nats “defining moment”: sausage gun fail. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Chico Harlan’s game stories are getting fun to read. [Fire Jim Bowden]

CC Sabathia overwhelms O’s in 9-1 loss at new Yankee Stadium. [The Sun]

Now I see what Daniel Snyder saw in Mark Sanchez. [GQ]

Skins have “free Fan Appreciation Day” … for rich fans only. [City Desk]

John Clayton calls the Skins a surprise team for 2009. [NBC Washington]

Juicy emails from the firm that won the Skins’ legal battle. [Above the Law]

Look who’s got a new site (with awful auto-play music). [Chris Samuels]

Figuring out what Backstrom’s big contract will be. [In the Room]

Mythbusting D.C.’s building height limit. [We Love D.C.]

Today: Pirates-Nats (7:05), Yankees-O’s (7:05), Idol finale (8)

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