Wale Reps the Capital on ESPN First Take

D.C.-area rapper Wale, the (un)official recording artist of Mr. Irrelevant, showed up on “First Take” this morning to discuss the Caps and sometime namesake Alex Ovechkin, subjects he knows intimately.


With any luck, video and an in-depth look from Dan Steinberg are to come. In the meantime, these are the highlights:

  • “Hockey is like professional wrestling, minus the professional wrestling.”
  • “Ovechkin is like 7’7″.” I think he was speaking figuratively.
  • Namechecked Via Sikahema, Thunder Collins and World B. Free.
  • Mentioned that he was a D-1 athlete. I did not know that.
  • Repeatedly called Dana Jacobson “Miss Dana”.
  • Said Skip Bayless “has severe brain issues”.

All told, an excellent, off-kilter performance from one of my favorite artists of ’08 (you’ll download “The Mixtape About Nothing” if you know what’s good for you) and one of the soon-to-be breakout stars of ’09 (look for “Attention: Deficit” and “Back to the Feature”). Wale’s coming “to get it”.

4 thoughts on “Wale Reps the Capital on ESPN First Take”

  1. Can’t wait to see the video. It’s pretty awesome to see him crossing over like this already.

  2. I believe he is the first ever rapper to rap about hockey. Name checks Ovechkin, Eric Lindros, and Richard Zednik (really) on the Mixtape About Nothing.

    I think Wale was a DB for Bowie State. Willing to bet he could give at last Justin Tryon a run for his money.

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