Personal PR: I’m Going to SB Nation


I’ll probably pen a more heartfelt and thoughtful goodbye post in the coming weeks, but I just thought I’d get the word out now that I’m leaving Sporting News, and thus leaving The Sporting Blog. I’ve accepted an offer to become Senior Editor of SB Nation.

There’s a decent chance that you read at least one or more of SB Nation’s 200+ team sites currently (Hogs Haven is a must-read for Skins fans), but if you’ve ever visited the company’s homepage — — then you know it needs some work. Okay, a lot of work. My main focus will be working on the homepage as the editor of We’re going to be making changes to that page, most of which will hopefully differentiate it from anything out there, the details of which will come in time because, frankly, I don’t know what they are yet. But if they’re coming from my head, then they’re destined to be brilliant.

As excited as I am about this new opportunity and the endless potential in SB Nation’s future, I hesitantly leave TSB behind. I’m incredibly proud of what we built over at Sporting News, taking TSB from off the radar to a top tier sports blog in the year and a half I’ve been there. Our traffic was trumped by some, but our content was second to none, at least in my biased opinion. It’s been a pleasure to work with the extremely talented people who have helped make TSB a success, and I’ll savor these final few weeks I have to call them my co-workers.

My last day at TSB is May 12th.

13 thoughts on “Personal PR: I’m Going to SB Nation”

  1. Cheers, brother. Couldn’t be happier for you.

    And please do what you can to ensure that SB Nation’s Redskins, Nats, O’s, Caps, Wizards and Terps blogs are of the highest quality.

  2. Congrats, Chris!

    And don’t feel too bad about people mixing you up, Jamie, this post isn’t the slightest bit angry so the mistake is understandable.

  3. I’m going to start leaving things in your desk. And by things, I mean raw meat. I’ve also made some adjustments to your chair.

    But seriously, if you leave, who will stare at with me and fetch me Subway sandwiches when I’m shackled to my desk?

    Congrats, sir.

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