And Now a Man With an Owl at Nats Park

Come to Nats Park for the freaky birds of prey, stick around for the spectacular bullpen implosion:


Jamie and I made it to our first Nats game of the season on Sunday and ran into that guy. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason why there was a man with an owl at a Nats game. If you have any idea what that reason may be, feel free to let us know.

Also, equally as awesome as the owl: I caught a ball for the first time in my 26 years of attending baseball games (Yes, I was actually born in the bowels of Memorial Stadium). Austin Kearns threw it from right field, directly over the heads of young children begging for a baseball, and into my hands about 10 seats from the foul pole. I thought about being nice and giving it to one of the kids, but none of them offered enough money.

9 thoughts on “And Now a Man With an Owl at Nats Park”

  1. The guy in the pic is making a face like he isn’t sure why it’s there and on his arm either.

    It’s from the Earth Conservation Corp which is headquartered in the old pumphouse in Diamond Teague park behind the stadium which is being remodeled for the water taxi to the ballpark. I think they have an eagle too that they bring to the stadium sometimes. Makes a lot more sense than the owl.

  2. yeah, I was there opening day and saw this guy. My friends and I were quite confused. He was posing for various people to take pics. I took a pic, but can’t post it here in-line. I’ll e-mail it.

  3. Ever get bored at the Nats game? Play the game my bros and I play – it’s called “Red Card” and its pretty easy to play. Every time there is a line drive into foul territory, the ushers lift a card to show if the person is safe. Unfortunately the card is pretty much always green for “safe” It can be very frustrating, however, every once in a while you get that red card and that’s when you and your bros celebrate! Fist bumps, high fives and cursing are encouraged. Bros are the best.

  4. This guy was here a ton of home games last year. He brings different birds with him. Sometimes it is this owl and the other day it was a hawk of some sort. I think it is very strange and a bit cruel (he sometimes moves his arm up and down really fast so that the birds spread its wings, but cannot go anywhere).

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