Watch Chris Cooley’s New Reality Show

This is a six-minute trailer for a new web series called “The Cooley Zone”:

The show is “coming soon” and mine was only the fourth viewing, so it may or may not be a figment of my imagination. Watch for yourself, though, and enjoy a man living beyond your means, showing off his young bride* and cursing like a sailor all the while.

Somewhere, likely in a palace of his own, Gilbert shakes a fist.

* The opening shot is a large framed photograph of the Cooley’s in a warm, loving, nude embrace, which is awesome.

4 thoughts on “Watch Chris Cooley’s New Reality Show”

  1. Excellent picture, but I’d rather just have the Cooley updates he has on his blog. This doesn’t seem like its going to be developed anyways.

  2. “It is probally because I am the only white guy who touches the football”

    That ranks right up there as one of the best quotes ever.

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