DMV: The Nats Could Use Kenny Powers

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Like Obama, we were unable to attend the Nats home opener. Thankfully, Christmas Ape of KSK fame was there, as were Eastbound & Down’s KP and two other notables (after the jump). We thank Ape for the pics.

More interesting attire from Nats Park. [D.C. Sports Bog x 2 and OFB]

Boz covers the Nats’ 9-8 loss, passing of Harry Kalas, Milledge’s possible demotion(!), re-signing Zimmerman, etc. [Thomas Boswell]

I’m not sure if this guy is always a dick or if he’s just playing one in print, but what he fails to mention is that the Nats are awful and have no history. They’re the league’s worst team, yet have average attendance. To write that D.C. fans are “inferior” or D.C. itself is “second-rate” because of that is just, well, mean-spirited and stereotypically Philadelphian. [John Gonzalez]

O’s win sloppy 10-9 slugfest, have AL’s second-best record. [Camden Chat]

O’s debut their new/old “Baltimore” road jerseys at Texas. [Toy Dept.]

Flip Saunders gets four years and $18 million to coach the Wiz. [Adrian Woj]

Liking and disliking the hire. [Hardwood Paroxysm and Wilbon, Stet Sports]

What a beat writer for a bad team reads like by season’s end. [Wiz Insider]

For the Caps to have a shot, Jose Theodore needs to get hot. [WaPo]

The girls guide to the Caps (watch out for the “uterus killer”). [Puck Daddy]

The top Caps-Rangers fights from the past four seasons. [Japers’ Rink]

USC linebacker Ray Maualuga is at Redskins Park today. [Redskins 360]

Rich Tandler with a sound look at who the Skins will draft. [Real Redskins]

Packers give Greg Paulus a workout. Chris has the visual. [TSB]

Local company SB Nation partners with [Tech Crunch]

Tonight: O’s at Rangers (8:05)


8 thoughts on “DMV: The Nats Could Use Kenny Powers”

  1. John Gozalez is an ASSHOLE. Of course there is no rivalry between the Phillies and the Nats. We didn’t have a team for 33 years. Any rivalry at this point is because Redskin fans think (read: know) Eagles fans are scum.

    If Gonzo (very original nickname – why not go by J-Gon while you’re at it) is trying to create a rivalry, then he’s off to a good start.

    Fuck Philly

  2. Premise of John Gonzalez’s column: One team has been around for five years. The other for more than 100. You’ll be SHOCKED to learn that the former has lower attendance numbers. Therefore, I conclude that their city sucks while conveniently ignoring their superiority in the sport (football) that everyone in both cities cares more about.

  3. Ok someone tell me what Kenny Powers means, I guess. Because I saw this guy, and his friend in a blue 55 Kenny Powers shirt, and I ignored them.

  4. Kenny Powers is the main character in the relatively new HBO show “Eastbound & Down”, which is about an ex-Major League star who has derailed thanks to drugs, alcohol and stupidity. He’s like a faux-life John Rocker or maybe Rob Dibble. I’d actually like to know Dibble’s thoughts on the program, if he’s seen it.

    Anyway, the show is filmed here in Wilmington, so I have a particular affinity for it.

  5. 1. I think I would want Maualuga also, only if Brown, Maybin and Okparkp (sp) were off the baordand we moved back 3-5 spots.

    2. Fuck Philly

    3. Fuck that guy wearing the poweder blue Phillies uniform

    4. Fuck Philly

    5. What does it take to be considerd a “Super Fan”?

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