Devin Thomas Is Humble


What’s that? You still kind of like Devin Thomas? Even after the team wasted its first pick in the draft only to see him catch 15 balls last season? Well, prepare to let go of that and allow the hatred to flood in. This is from his newly launched blog:

I’ve always had people doubting me. Do I play with a chip on my shoulder?

I’ve got a party mix of chips on my shoulder.

I wear number 11 on my jersey because I was 11 years old when I first knew that football was my thing, but also because 11th was where I thought I was going to go in the draft to Buffalo. There were very strong indications through the Bills and the media that I would go No. 11 to Buffalo and I had a real good feeling that was where I was going to go.

It didn’t happen and I stayed around into the 2nd round. Now I do what I’ve got to do to prove that I could have and should have been a 1st rounder.

But I don’t need to look at my number for motivation. When it says Thomas on my jersey, that means it’s Showtime, time to do what I have to do.

First of all, the saying “chip on my shoulder” refers to an actual wood chip, not potato chips. Clever though. Second, the “use my number for motivation” card has already been played in D.C. by Gilbert Arenas. (He wears 0 to represent the numbers of minutes people thought he’d play at Arizona.) Third, Fuck you Buffalo for not taking him with the 11th pick. Fourth, I’m pretty sure I saw “Thomas” on the back of No. 11’s jersey last season, but I certainly don’t recall seeing anything resembling “Showtime.” Although he did have that one catch for 18 yards.

It gets worse. Or maybe better. From his bio section in response to “my hero is”:

Myself. I look at myself like a superhero. More like Batman, because I can’t reveal my true self. People either love or hate you, you can’t get everybody to love you. Still, if people don’t like you, at least you can show who you are and why you do what you do.

His hero is himself. This is like looking into one of those endless mirrors.

(Shiny head rub to Agent Steinz)

5 thoughts on “Devin Thomas Is Humble”

  1. 2 things:

    1)Devins crowning moment last season was when he was mistaken has Randle El on the first day of training camp.

    It could have beeen becuase they both wear that stupid stocking capor because he was carrying #82’s shoulder pads to the locker room.

    2) We need more comments from Alana G.

  2. I thought the No. 11 was for the amount of offensive pass interference calls he was flagged for last year.

    Or the No. 11 was for his rank on the Skins receiving depth chart.

    Or it was an ode to Mark Rypien who also had a great disappearing act.

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