CSN: Gilbert Set to Return on Saturday

gilbert-bike.jpgThis just in, via Comcast SportsNet’s Andy Siegel:

CSN’s Chris Miller has received word from Gilbert Arenas that he will make his season debut on Saturday vs. Detroit.

Well then. Eleven months after his last game, there’s reason to watch the Wizards again, other than their pursuit of epic failure, that is.

/prays for Gilbert’s knee

Update: Here’s the text message Arenas sent to Miller:

“Ur the first to get the truth.  I’m playing Saturday against Detroit.  And I’m only playin home games, but I will play in Cleveland.  Me and Cleveland fans have this love hate relation.”

Funny that the scoop goes to a TV station that can’t report on it until 5.

Update No. 2: D.C. Sports Bog and Outlet try/fail to confirm the report.

Update No. 3: Mike Jones at Outlet confirms that “Saturday’s the plan”.

6 thoughts on “CSN: Gilbert Set to Return on Saturday”

  1. What good will Gil do the Wiz this season other than making management feel better about his contract? Let him heal and get as many Blake Griffin ping pong balls as possible.

  2. Maybe I failed to confirm the existence of the text, but I’d argue that God himself would fail to confirm the veracity of it at this point, since Gil has evidently changed his mind 4,000 times since five minutes ago. I think my Gilquote was still the best that’s come out of this. Essentially, he’s saying “when I play, I will have played,” which is awesome.

  3. “I’d argue that God himself would fail to confirm the veracity of it at this point.”

    That was kind of my point, Steinz … not that you failed, per se, but that the objective of your mission was impossible.

    And I love the way this news traveled: from Siegel’s Twitter feed to my Twitter feed to my blog to yours to all the other reporters at the Post and the Times to other blogs and on and on (still two hours from being on Comcast SportsNet though). Media is changing so fast it’s scary.

  4. Maybe Gil doesn’t trust the team to tank the last few games for Blake so he’s gonna give them a helping hand.

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