Maryland Gets to Try Cinderella’s Slipper

This one reminded me a bit of the Terps’ opening round game from two years ago against Davidson, as Cal takes that guard-driven, three-balling approach that Davidson took. They also have undersized guard Jerome Randle in the Steph Curry role, knifing through the lane and splashing from downtown. (Seriously, look at the range on this kid).

In the end, as Chris wrote, there was too much Greivis for the Golden Bears, and too much Eric Hayes, Adrian Bowie, Dave Neal, Landon Milbourne, Dino Gregory and Sean Mosley too. The first half was flat-out ugly, a sloppy brand of small ball on both sides, but the aforementioned group combined for 50 second-half points and pushed themselves past where many, myself included, thought they were capable of going.


Next up is No. 2-seed Memphis, winners of 26 straight. Though the Tigers had trouble disposing of Cal State-Northridge, they’re No. 1 in Pomeroy’s ratings this year and made it to the title game last year. They have arguably the best defense in the country, and a decided size and talent advantage.

But the Terps can win. It’s unlikely, but they’re rolling, thanks in part to a 3-2 zone that could give Memphis fits. Victory would be shocking; an ACC Cinderella seven years removed from a national championship upsetting a C-USA Goliath. That’s called playing with house money. It’s gravy, and it just may be enough for Greivis and Gary to get to the Sweet 16 for once.

2 thoughts on “Maryland Gets to Try Cinderella’s Slipper”

  1. The Memphis Paper Tigers is more like it. The birds will be Terping in Maryland after this next upset.

    That comment was sponsored by Fake Rick Reilly.

    Seriously, I think Memphis plays in a weak conference and it is starting to catch up to them. Maryland has an awesome chance. Good luck.

  2. Q:how come Greivis Vasquez only talks shit or does the stupid finger to the mouth thing when they are winning?
    A: he is a douche

    memphis will win this game by 25 points. he is a little too cocky for guy who is average. last time he went “greivis being greivis” was before the duke game at duke and well, he played like 5 minutes and they lost by 40.

    also greivis vasquez sounds like something you get after hooking up with some skank on spring break.

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