Hey, Big Ten, Fuuuck Youuuu (Part II)

In case you missed it, Mason made it to the NIT as a seven-seed. Unfortunately for them, they were forced to face two-seeded Penn St. — a real live bubble team from a power conference. Oh my. But then the Patriots realized that “power” conference is the Big Ten, so Penn St.’s 11 conference wins are a mirage shielding their complete mediocrity.

So, with that, Mason hung in for the entire game and eventually took the lead in the final minutes. Then, up by one, Penn St. sent Dre Smith to the line, who nailed two free throws. Mason’s now up three with four seconds left. Which left the door open for Penn St. to do this:

Talor Battle went on to drill back-to-back threes to open overtime and that was pretty much all she wrote.

So, congrats Big Ten. One of your team’s, which you argued was snubbed by the selection committee, needed a prayer of a shot to beat a non-bubble, mid-major team. At home. This will certainly rank up there with Penn St.’s other huge home non-conference wins this season, such as their victories of William & Mary, NJIT and Army.

Oh, and your cheerleaders … do not want. Shocking, I know, that girls from western PA would be overweight.

(No, I’m not bitter … not at all. But you’re ugly.)

7 thoughts on “Hey, Big Ten, Fuuuck Youuuu (Part II)”

  1. So much hate — just because the shared experience of GMU is the parking lot. ;)

    Penn State does things the hard way, just so Talor Battle can make the last second basket. It happened last week too.

  2. Though really, the biggest takeaway from last night was that the Mountain West might be overrated, with Wyoming losing to Northeastern AT HOME and UNLV helpless against awful Kentucky.

    /Changing Utah pick to Arizona

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