DMV: We Already Have a JC, Thank You

cutler-face.jpgDMV is a daily roundup of District-Maryland-Virginia (mostly) sporting links.  

Why Cutler-to-the Skins isn’t happening. [Skins Insider]

Irregardless of Cutler, Jason Campbell is doing and saying all the right things. [WaPo]

Chris Cooley captains his new boat, and it’s a gong show. [Cooley]

Skins re-sign Shaun Suisham, the NFL’s worst kicker. [Player Hater’s Ball]

Skins bring 35-year-old Renaldo Wynn back. [TWT]

Caps get outhustled, lose 5-1 in Pothier’s return. [Caps Insider]

Comparing Ovechkin to Rocket Richard. [NHL Insider]

Getting to know Maryland recruit and PF Jordan Williams. [Testudo Times]

Jay Bilas rushes to the defense of Gary Williams. [D.C. Sports Bog]

Chris photoshops six pairs of nuts on Paulus’ chin. [The Sporting Blog]

UVA cans Dave Leitao; replacements bandied about. [Good ‘N Plenty]

Lady Terps nab a No. 1 seed in the women’s tournament. [Terrapins Insider]

Jordan Zimmerman has another ridiculously good performance. [NBC D.C.]

Nats consider breaking camp with a four-man rotation. [Nats Journal]

Tonight: Caps at Panthers (7:30 p.m.), George Mason at Penn State (8), Wiz at Jazz (9)

4 thoughts on “DMV: We Already Have a JC, Thank You”

  1. Any chance you can post a best-of-Gus-Johnson to get everyone fired up for Thursday? Any idea which site he is calling?

    I pray to 8 lb 6 oz little baby Jesus that we get a major upset or buzzer beater involving Gus.

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