Maryland’s Not Just In, They’re a 10!

After sweating out the bubble and expecting an 11 seed at best, the Terps get a 10 and a matchup with 7-seed Cal on Thursday in Kansas City, with the winner to lose to play Memphis.

Regardless of how it plays out from here, this season is a success, and the rest is just gravy. It feel good.

Update: A quick look at Cal reveals they went 22-10 (11-7) with an RPI of 39, a SoS of 44 and big wins over Washington (twice) and Utah and went 7-8 over their past 15. Basically, they’re just as average as Maryland!

Update No. 2: Maryland-Cal is at 2:55 p.m. ET Thursday, which works for me as a) I’ll be home; I’m always home and b) Mrs. Relevant is expecting to be taken out for her birthday that evening.

6 thoughts on “Maryland’s Not Just In, They’re a 10!”

  1. Yes, Memphis is a good team. But they also lost to Georgetown, Syracuse, and Xavier, which by my count are three of the four (Gonzaga being the other) decent teams they have played all year.

  2. Bowie is going to be the key. He will be matching up with their lightening quick PG who happens to shot 46% from 3. Thankfully, Cal has nothing inside other than a couple of stiffs.

    I hope Hayes shows up inspired like he was at the ACC.

  3. The ACC did pretty well in the pairings. Maryland can ‘rise to the occasion.’ No team should underestimate them. Williams knows how to motivate his teams and keep them in the game. He hates to lose more than any other coach I know.

  4. Memphis is ten kinds of overrated. Even my lowly Irish beat Georgetown. I wouldn’t count the Terps out if they can get past Cal.

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