D-Hall’s Party Sounds Fly, Sexy

Thanks to commenter Terps77 for alerting us to DeAngelo Hall’s re-signing party (seems like as good a reason to party as any) this Sunday night at some place called Josephine’s in D.C. The Brothers Mottram would consider making an appearance but … well, we just aren’t grown man fly enough for a South Beach party:


“Ladies Keep It Sexy. Fellas Keep It Grown Man Fly. Think South Beach Swag.” This will appear on every invite I send out for the rest of my life.

10 thoughts on “D-Hall’s Party Sounds Fly, Sexy”

  1. @BagelBoy – Why the F**k does a Grown Man Fly, Sexy party show you why you don’t resign D Hall. He’s F*****g good we all know this. Get over it. That shit should make you laugh not show your distaste for hilarious Ladies Free All Night Southbeach parties. Plus Chris’ funniest posts are about these silly Swag parties/events. i’m sure you wish we just kept Shawn Springs, ass.

  2. Really, ask the Raiders? The Raiders are the idiots in that situation. Here is why:
    1) They play man to man defense on the outside. Not a DeAngelo Hall strong point, everyone knew that.
    2) The have no pass rush and their d backfield has to cover forever back there. You cannot cover a person in high school, college or the NFL for over 5 seconds.
    3) The Raiders are owned by a dude who is looking more and more like a character in the Beetlejuice.

    Shit, I said beetlejuice. damn it, one more time with the beetlejuice and all hell is gonna break loose. oh crap, nevermind.

  3. he is a good corner, but I dont think he is the best in the league. at this point in time, CB is a rather weak spot in the league. but here are some that are just as good if not better than him(imo):
    and as I always say, even the worst team in the league has to have a best player on the team.

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