Obama Having a Beer at the Phone Booth


And the Wizards actually won for a change. See more photos here.

Update: Here’s a first-hand account from our friend Rich Prisinzano …

Just a few feet to our right was President Obama. He seemed to genuinely be interested in the game and enjoying himself.

As far as the Wiz, Young looked good and I was surprised at how athletic McGee was. The biggest difference between the Wiz and the Bulls though was court awareness. I know the Wiz won but Heinrich and Rose just seemed to know where to be. The Wiz didn’t have that. It was a bit weird. Oh and Rose still can’t shoot free throws.


10 thoughts on “Obama Having a Beer at the Phone Booth”

  1. I am glad to finally see a president who is down to earth, and not either being pretentious or acting untouchable.

  2. Lighten up, the man probably paid for it out of the money he earned, God knows he going to earn his money. Mna kicks back gets down to earth with the people he works for and some jerk has negitive comments. I say you go Mr President, enjoy yourself and ignore the clowns who can’t relax!

  3. @Serina Seriously? He’s not pregnant and he runs our FREE country…he can drink beer at a game or any where else he pleases really.

    By your logic kids shouldn’t be allowed in restaurants that serve beer to adults then either. Keep it classy San Diego.

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