Well, That Didn’t Take Long: Skins Spend $155 Million on Haynesworth and Hall

haynesworth-and-hall.jpgFor those of you just waking up this Friday morning, your Washington Redskins have signed Albert Haynesworth for about $100 million over seven years ($41 mill guaranteed) and DeAngelo Hall for $55 million over six ($23 million).

This probably isn’t the right way of doing things, and they’re all gonna laugh at us, but it’s not our money, and these two make the team better, so whatever.

Next up: possibly Chris Canty, Derrick Dockery, Ray Willis and anyone else willing to take copious amounts of the Danny’s money

Update: Vinny was just on ESPN 980 and said, “[Another team] offered more money than we did [for Haynesworth],” and “DeAngelo had a little bit more that he could have taken from somewhere else.” Doubtful.

Update No. 2: The Skins cut Shawn Springs to save $6 million cap space.

18 thoughts on “Well, That Didn’t Take Long: Skins Spend $155 Million on Haynesworth and Hall”

  1. “Offseason champions again!”

    Hey hey don’t get ahead of yourself now! We haven’t signed Marvin Harrison and traded for Anquan Boldin yet.

  2. Thats Dr. Evil money! Is Snyder going to do the whole pinky in the corner of the mouth thing when he announces ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARRRS?

  3. why does DeAngelo Hall have porn star tattooed on his chest?

    The skins are going to need Haynesworth to be a two-way player, no money to sign any offensive lineman.

  4. First big guarantees to DHall, now a monster deal to Haynesworth. Not to sound like the Sports Guy, but I will now watch my tape of Super Bowl 17 and then light myself on fire. Obviously these guys are both higher caliber and more proven than Archuleta, Lloyd, or any of the other absurd deals Chainsaw Dan and Ninja Vinny have given out, but what happened to building through the draft?

  5. Real Redskins fan checking in:

    Great moves. I mean, we keep our best DB.and sign the best available FA.

    Now for a few call outs.

    Mal Funkshon: Its not your money he is throwing out. It his.

    289: You wish the Bills would sign someone of the caliber on Haynesworth.

    Your biggest signing of recent memory, Derek Dockery. And you just cut him. After you gave him 18.5 Million in 2 years.

    And you want to throw darts at Vinny?

    The Bills are a perrinial loser. They do nothing. And nobody wants to play for Toronto/Buffalo.

    Need proof? Who exactly have you signed today?

    Right. Go make a picture.

  6. Mayor. It is my money as I pay for tickets and eight dollar beers. And if it doesn’t work out how cap handicapped will they be if it’s reinstated after 2010? I agree they are great moves if DHall doesn’t act like a knucklehead and Haynesworth stays healthy but history is not on their side with that. Not trying to be pessimistic but Dan and Vinny don’t exactly have a sparkling track record to fall back on.

  7. Mal, no, it’s not your money … anymore. It’s Dan’s money to do with what he pleases. You pay for the entertainment of watching a football game. If you don’t like what he does with the money you give him, then stop going to games.

  8. True. Either way, at least the money didn’t go to old washed up guys like in the past. Maybe Danny Boy and Sidekick Vinny Slick are learning.

  9. Merchandise revenues pay for the salaries, not ticket sales.

    And I pay for 8 season tickets a year, and 2 parking passes. I dont pretend my small amount of money spent should allow me to dictate what Dan Snyder does.

    We got the best Free Agent available. He makes us better.

    Your ticket prices havent been raised.

    Sneak a flask in instead of paying 8 dollar beers.

    Put masking tape with TAYLOR writen on it over your old Fred Smoot jersey.

    Sell yoru season tickets for double what you paid for them and scout Craigslist the night before and buy them back for half price.

    There are plenty of ways to enjoy the game day experiance without paying Dan Snyder.

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