The Definitive Opinion of Scheyer’s Face

scheyerface_2.jpgI hope the guy holding the huge Scheyer Face is doing an impersonation.

As Jamie noted in the DMV this morning, the Terps fans broke out the Scheyer Face signs in force last night. The above photo gives you a decent idea of how the entire student section looked. And the quote below gives you an idea of how highly Maryland fans think of Scheyer’s face:

“It just makes me want to vomit, you know, to look at him,” [Maryland student Matt] Perlstein said. “It’s scary.”

I still say Kyle Singler’s grill is much freakier. Although he doesn’t make the distorted faces. His is just permanently stuck on pure evil.

Overall, the signs served as a nice backdrop for an evening of classy Maryland trash-talking, which including a “fuck you Sing-ler” chant and an ESPN mic picking up one student yelling “get off your knees, ref” while said official was conferencing with Coach K. You won’t find that on any of Duke’s cheer sheets.

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