Maryland-Duke II Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Maryland’s 78-67 loss to Duke

WINNERS: Dave Neal — For destroying Nolan Smith with that screen and then draining a three. It was a fantastic moment in a heated late-season ACC rivalry game, and the crowd noise alone lets you know what time it is.

Landon Milbourne — Nineteen points overall and a huge block to end the first half after not showing up at all against UNC.

Gary Williams — Since the Post gave him the Richard Nixon treatment two weeks ago, they’ve beaten Va. Tech, lost at Clemson, beaten UNC and pushed Duke to the wire. Nobody puts Gary in a corner!

Eric Hayes and Adrian Bowie — On a night when Greivis Vasquez was in foul trouble, they provided backcourt scoring with 22 points on 11 shots.

Jay Bilas — He’s a Blue Devil and an ESPN guy, sure, but he offers informed, no-nonsense analysis.

Gerald Henderson — By far and away Duke’s best player, even if Kyle Singler seems to get more pub. And that in-traffic dunk was insane.

LOSERS: Defensive rebounding
— Aside from Brian Zoubek, who is a stiff, Duke isn’t a big team, yet they kept coming up with offensive boards of the loose-ball variety.

Mike Patrick — Because his voice makes me shudder.

MEDIUM: Greivis Vasquez — Played a solid first half (eight points, four assists, four rebounds), including a circus-shot leaner, but picked up his fourth foul early and his fifth shortly after returning late.

Heather Cox — A winner for reporting the crank calls story. A loser for failing to mention Greg Paulus’ hankering for nuts.

Maryland’s next game: Sunday 7:30 at NC State

12 thoughts on “Maryland-Duke II Winners & Losers”

  1. The “F*ck You Singler” chant was nice.

    I personally enjoyed the 1000 or so Scheyerface posters. I think Steinz covered it. It was impressive.

    BTW – Can some explain to me why when Coach K calls one official over, they all come. When Gary does, none of them get within 10 feet of him.

  2. I know the terps lost but that screen and then Neal hitting the 3 will be replayed for years to come… An awesome moment in a very intense game.

    Regarding Bilas, you gotta be kidding me- him and Mike Patrick could me more bias towards duke that Vitale is… seriously, to sit there and watch duke get every call is one thing but to have to hear two duke homers defend it all almost makes it unbearable.

    I wish there was a way to turn up the crowd noise and turn down the announcers..

  3. I don’t think Bilas is a homer at all, especially considering he actually went to Duke. Although I don’t like him as much as I used to. Everything he says is overly negative. It’s like he felt the need to fill the curmudgeon void left by Packer.

  4. Terps lost because they couldn’t get loose balls or make free throws. Bilas was pretty even, I thought. When he gave the little lecture about pulling fire alarms, he seemed to reinforce the character he plays on the ESPN ads. Maybe just his legal training.

    Bowie and Hayes made some pretty clutch shots with the shot clock running out. Terps are looking better each game now.

  5. Too bad Maryland didn’t win and burn down their own campus while rioting and looting!

    F Maryland, stick to crabcakes and football!

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