Shocking News You’ll Never Believe: Skins May Overpay for Haynesworth

haynesworth.jpgWell, this was inevitable:

This time around [my source] tells me that the Washington Redskins will break the bank to sign Albert Haynesworth. My source tells me to look for a contract that could break $100 million with an average of $15 million to $16 million per. My guy is almost never wrong and Dan Snyder gets what he wants.

That’s from someone named Lance Zierlein who blogs for the Houston Chronicle. So, grain of salt and all that. Although we’re certainly prepared to believe that this is true. As if there was ever any doubt that Snyder would make a play for Haynesworth. This would also give them the impact defensive lineman they need to allow Cerrato to draft a wide receiver with the 13th overall pick.

Before you start getting all pissed off about the Skins handing out a $100 million contract, remember this: Haynesworth once stomped on the bare head of a Cowboy.

12 thoughts on “Shocking News You’ll Never Believe: Skins May Overpay for Haynesworth”

  1. Yes, but how much of that salary will Haynesworth spend on roller coaster rides and haircuts?

    It’s like a casino giving free chips to VIPs. They’ll get a lot of that back.

  2. So let me get this straight –

    – Keep Taylor and his $8M salary.
    – Let Evans walk even though we could re-sign him for a faction of the cost of Taylor
    – Sign Haynesworth who is 28, 330+ lbs, never plays more than about 12 games a year, has been suspended by the league before, to a monster contract.
    – This is Ryan Clark, Hot Plate Williams, Arch Deluxe, Juwan Howard, Roger Mason signing/not signings all rolled into one.

    Please wake me when the misery is over.

  3. 2010 is an uncapped year. With that being said I am sure its a backloaded contract.

    With an uncapped year, Dan Snyder is able to use his own money to sign Free Agents.

    Haynesworth is the best player on the market and we landed him. He will instantly improve the D Line. He will command double teams and even triple teams, allowing JT and AC to get pressure.

    How can any real Redskins fan not like this move?

    Carter, Randel El and Samuels(today) have all restructured.

    Sign Hall next, and some OL and LB’s and were a contender.

  4. Sweet Raptor Jesus, you cannot be serious with this shit. I think this finally confirms it that Dan Synder is in fact the real life Michael Scott. What a horrible move.

  5. After researching this I don’t believe this is what Daniel Snyder and Chad Speck were talking over a meal.
    Last week “INDIANAPOLIS – The Bengals have expressed an interest in free agent wide receiver Kelley Washington but haven’t quantified it yet to agent Chad Speck.”
    Is it possible they were talking about this?

  6. I love the Snyder/Michael Scott references.

    “You keep paying me money and make my enterprise profitable, no matter how many bad decisions I continue to make, Bam! Roasted”

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