Blogs vs. Mainstream Media … Again

Scott Van Pelt felt sorry enough for me to have me on his ESPN radio program this afternoon. We discussed blogs, the mainstream media, why Mitch Albom isn’t qualified to make arrests, and how, like, totally similar Van Pelt and I are! (Hint: We’re besties!) Hopefully I didn’t bring great shame and embarrassment to my friends and family. (The dead air in the middle was a commercial break. Simply fast-forward past that.)

Oh, and speaking of just making up whatever you want, Mitch Albom knows a thing or two about that himself:

In 2005, Albom and four editors were briefly suspended from the Detroit Free Press after Albom filed a column that stated two college basketball players were in the crowd at an NCAA tournament game, when in fact they were not. In a column printed in the Sunday, April 3, Albom described two former Michigan State basketball players, both now in the NBA, attending an NCAA Final Four semifinal game on Saturday to cheer for their school. The players had told Albom they planned to attend, so Albom, filing on his normal Friday deadline but knowing the column could not come out until Sunday — after the game was over — wrote the players were there. The Detroit Free Press also suspended the four editors who had read the column and allowed it to go through to print.

Which year of your masters program in journalism did they teach you that, Mitch?

10 thoughts on “Blogs vs. Mainstream Media … Again”

  1. You’re a better man than I, Chris. I wouldn’t have been able to talk about Mitch Albom without at least mentioning the hair covering the ears look.

    Other than that, well done sir. I will feel comfortable when you are finally elected ambassador to the blogs.

  2. Since you were kind enough to appear on his program, I think it’s only right that Van Pelt make a guest contribution here on Mr. Irrelevant, preferably about Maryland hoops. That, or Dewey.

  3. Chris,

    Nice stuff. Great to see what you’re up to after all these years.

    You hit the nail on the head re: Albom and his rant. The entire MSM is terrified that eyeballs and ad revenue are deserting them. And you don’t become a popular blogger by accident. You have to build it, and then they will come. Love the writing. Look me up on FB or Twitter.


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