Portis to Boldin: ‘Whattup, Teammate?’

boldin-portis.jpgHere’s video of Clinton Portis and Terrell Suggs interviewing their fellow Pro Bowlers. Because a camera, a mic and No. 26 are involved, shit’s hilarious, and one of many highlights comes at the 2:45 mark when Portis encounters Arizona Cardinals malcontent and fellow Drew Rosenhaus client Anquan Boldin:

Portis: We’ve got the most unhappy guy in Hawaii. We in beautiful Hawaii and this man is unhappy. He turnin’ down money. He not stayin’ in Arizona. He basically comin’ to the Washington Redskins. Whattup, teammate?

Boldin: Whattup, whattup!

(the uproarious laughter of future Super Bowl champions)

Hey, whatever keeps him away from Philadelphia, I guess. Though I imagine John Riggins hates this blatant disregard for Vinny Cerrato’s authority with every fiber of his being.

(Thanks to commenter omgwtfbbq for the tip. OMG, WTF, BBQ indeed.)

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