Vegas Doesn’t Like Skins’ XLIV Chances

skinsring.jpgWith the Super Bowl already so two days ago, it’s time to look ahead to next year’s BIG GAME in Miami. (Note to Sporting News: Please carve out room in your ’10 budget to send me to South Beach.) Bodog has posted the early odds for XLIV’s winning team (via MJD at The Corner). The NFC East breaks down as such:

Cowboys: 9/1
Giants: 10/1
Eagles: 18/1
Redskins: 35/1

How Vegas has decided that Dallas is nearly four times more likely to win the Super Bowl than the Skins, I have no clue. They missed the playoffs, looked awful in the second half and have done nothing to improve, or change, their team so far. Although it’s always more fun to watch Dallas fail when they are higher expectations for them.

Also, there are only four teams in the NFC with worse odds than Washington: Detroit (100/1), St. Louis (75/1), San Fran (60/1) and Seattle (50/1). This year’s NFC representative in the Super Bowl sits just ahead of the Skins at 30/1. The overall favorite is, of course, the Patriots.

We’ll find out just how accurate these odds are in 369 short days! I believe NBC’s pregame coverage starts in three weeks.

6 thoughts on “Vegas Doesn’t Like Skins’ XLIV Chances”

  1. It’s not about who Vegas thinks will win, it’s about who they believe will draw the most action from the betting public.

  2. TO can keep his ass in Dallas. We already have a #1 receiver who drops shit all game long and doesn’t show up when needed.

  3. Also, by Vegas’s reasoning, Vegas thinks we are the 4th or 5th worse team in the NFC next year?

    That’s is either laughable or a actually pretty good assumption…

  4. Whats fan can truly look at the debacle of last year and like our chances? We’re sick of losing the division. Sick of the other teams in the NFC East Carpping on us.

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