The Nationals Are ‘Monitoring’ Manny

mannynats.jpgManny Ramirez walked away from 25 milly last night. To play one season of baseball. If that blows your mind, then good, that’s the correct reaction. So, the 36-year-old remains a free agent, which means that The Nationals, after failing to nab any big name players this offseason, might be interested (via Nats Enquirer):

The New York Mets, San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals are among the teams known to be monitoring Ramirez’s situation but don’t appear inclined to pay him more than $20 million a season.

After turning down the aforementioned one-year deal from the Dodgers, and their previous two-year, $45 million offer, it’s pretty clear Manny wants a long-term contract. At 36, he might not be able to find one. Or at least not for the amount of money Scott Boras demands. Either way, adding a guy who’s at the tailend of his career to a team looking to rebuild with young talent doesn’t seem like a great fit. Although Manny would obviously put people in the seats.

Remember though, the Nats do have the willingness to throw big money at free agents, as they proved with their Mark Teixeira offer, which was somewhere in the ballpark of $160 mill/eight years. Sure, Tex is younger and a gold-glover, but when you compare his offensive production over the past three seasons to Manny’s, the two aren’t far off. In fact, Manny’s had the better production at the plate:

Manny: . 307 AVG, .419 OBP, .571 SLG, 31 HRs, 104 RBI

Tex:  .299 AVG, .394 OBP, .543 SLG, 32 HRs, 112 RBI

I’m not saying that I necessarily want the Nats to sign Manny to a three-plus-year deal, but I wouldn’t be upset about it either. He’s a huge liability in the field, and not part of a long-term answer in D.C., but would make the team infinitely more interesting/entertaining, and instantly be the best hitter in the line-up. And really, at this point, we just want the team to sign somebody, ANYBODY, before spring training. We can’t handle another season with virtually the same 100-loss team they fielded last year.

7 thoughts on “The Nationals Are ‘Monitoring’ Manny”

  1. I can’t believe I renewed my season tickets back in December under the assumption they would sign someone worth watching.

    At least we can still go to the best outdoor bar in DC for only $10. And if there aren’t any chics to talk to or any games on tv worth watching, we can always watch the game below.

  2. The Nats haven’t really been around long enough to have me yelling “same ole Nats” but i certainly don’t see things improving dramatically soon. I think, however, that given the way the free agent market has gone this off season that they may be doing CLOSE TO the right thing. I was impressed by how they went after Texiera and I think we could have a nice little core. We DO just need to shell out for Dunn and Hudson. Dunn mostly b/c we need more power and a lefty bat.

    This is definitely an organization that is learning how to do everything for the first time. They’re allowed to be terrible for a while, in my opinion. Even two and three years ago we knew that we wouldn’t have much money to spend the season after the first in the new stadium.

  3. i’d also like to support the notion that i think at least making the team more interesting would be a really really good idea. god they are fucking boring most nights. can’t you just see manny and elijah getting along famously? No, it would be hilarious though. Manny also draws attention from the national press so that’d be good to put pressure on the owners. Trade bait too. somebody will be begging for this guy come july.

  4. Manny would immediately increase the value of my Left field seats and he would actually be a defensive upgrade over OF Willy Slo Mo Pena.

    This singing will never happen and the Nats are cursed until Jim Bowden is no longer with the ball club. Stan “the no plan” needs canned too.

  5. I know we’ve already been spoiled by Gilbert and Portis and Ovechkin, but man, this would be good for business. Yes, please.

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