B. Smith Is Not a Redskin of Any Feather

b-smith-jersey.jpgTo answer The Redskins Blog’s question (Bruce Smith, Hall of Fame Redskin?), well, no. But Danny Snyder thinks he is!:

“We were fortunate to have Bruce as a Redskin for his final four playing years, and as a Redskin when he set the all-time sack record … Redskins fans will always feel part of his stellar career.”

Yeah, the shitty part, when he epitomized the big-name, small-return free agent signings that are a pox on the Snyder Era. He’s as much a Redskin as Jason Taylor is, or Deion Sanders, Mark Carrier and Jeff George are. The guy’s a HOFer, sure, but only as a Buffalo Bill.

In other Hall of Fame news, Randall McDaniel got in. Russ Grimm did not. McDaniel made 12 straight Pro Bowls, which is tough to argue with, though he never played in a Super Bowl, let alone won three. He didn’t coach multiple Super Bowl teams. He wasn’t part of football’s most legendary line, and he didn’t drink out of 60-ounce pitchers (that I know of). So our beloved Hogs remain without representation, as does Cris Carter, which is absurd.

(Image via our post where we mocked a guy in a Redskins B. Smith jersey.)

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