ESPN Interactive Tuesday and Maryland Terrapins Basketball Continue to Suck

The Sporting Blog torched ESPN Interactive Tuesday during football season, but tonight’s Terps game got the treatment, so take it away, Maryland sports correspondent Andy Peden:

“What’s worse than Mike Patrick doing a MD game? It’s Interactive Tuesday on ESPN where stupid people are allowed to have their comments scrolling across the top of the screen!!!!”

Indeed. But why stop there? Why not post trivial polls all game long?


While you contemplate what the question might have been to provoke such a response (“Which top player isn’t a detriment to his team?”), I’ll continue drinking the pain away. Oh, you didn’t hear? Maryland blew a 16-point lead. Those witty commenters were right all along.

Update: Seems this loss caused things to boil over in Garyland, which is a long time coming, and we’ll diving into it with Mr. Peden.

5 thoughts on “ESPN Interactive Tuesday and Maryland Terrapins Basketball Continue to Suck”

  1. I don’t think there are currently two teams harder to root for than the Terps and Redskins. Both make you think they are going to make it to the postseason only to totally suck down the stretch.

    There is not enough bourbon to numb this pain.

    At least I was smart enough to take BC +4.5.

  2. I can’t believe I’m saying this because I have been a Terps fan for 31 years and understand what Gary has done in his 20 years but 1 NCAA in 5 years is unacceptable. Something needs to change. MD is too historic of a program with way too much talent in it’s backyard to not be a tournament team every year.

  3. Gilchrist and Jennings both looked good this weekend. If they had stayed with MD, things would probably be different.

  4. Glad Caps-Bruins game was on at same time so I didnt have to watch this garbage.

    Think MD’s opponents will let them get a 10+ point lead because they know they can come back ?

    Gary needs to go.

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