GMU-VCU Almost Makes Up for MD-Duke

Mason-VCU was slightly more competitive than the Maryland-Duke laugher, with VCU pulling it out at home to remain atop the CAA. In the end, it was just too much Eric Maynor — whose shorts are still tight — for the Patriots.

Despite the outcome, it was an entertaining, back-and-forth affair containing a couple highlights that had Chris and I texting like little girls …

Highlight No. 1: 6’4″ Cam Long dunking on 6’9″ Larry Sanders, whom the announcers had just told us has a 91″ (or 7’7″) wingspan.

Highlight No. 2: The ESPN 2 color guy — whose name eludes me — with a terrific line regarding Gerald Henderson’s jersey hanging from the rafters.

2 thoughts on “GMU-VCU Almost Makes Up for MD-Duke”

  1. When Cam Long threw that dunk down, I honestly didn’t sit down for at least 3 minutes. And I was alone at my apartment.

    Also, if JaVale McGee and Manute Bol had a baby that only grew up to be 6’9″, it would probably end up being an exact clone of Frank Sanders.

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