Greivis Vasquez Is an Idiot

greivis.jpgGreivis Vasquez was part of a team that won a game once at Cameron Indoor. Yeah, it was two years ago. He scored 13 points. And you know what this means? He owns that MF’er:

“That’s my house,” the junior guard said. “I love going in there. It’s going to be fun.”

Sigh. Is there any player, ever, whose swagger was more disproportionate to his skill? If Greivis was 1/10th as good as he thinks he is, he’d be an All-American. As it is, he’s just a mediocre guard on a mediocre team, with a penchant for doing more harm than good for his own squad. I really don’t think I’ve ever disliked a player on one of my own teams more than I do Vasquez. (Albert Belle snub alert.)

Luckily, Gary Williams was there to save my spirits and lay the sarcasm on pretty thick:

[Two years ago Vasquez] was being taunted in Spanish by Duke fans.

“They’re very smart down smart down there,” Williams quipped. “They figure Greivis is from Venezuela, so that means he knows Spanish. It’s amazing.”

Gary would also like to remind you that Duke hasn’t won a National Championship since ’01.

(FYI, the game vs. Duke is Saturday at Noon on ESPN.)

17 thoughts on “Greivis Vasquez Is an Idiot”

  1. Hello! No one will ever be worse than Deion Sanders. Unless, of course, Vinny goes and gets T.O. which would result in me hating the Skins.

    Can’t wait to see Greveis get into it with the Dukies. Any chance he dives into the stands and gets into a wrestling match like in the Wake/Clemson game?

  2. Someone needs to let Gary’s squad know that turnovers don’t count for any points. It’s one (terrible) thing to lose to the fucking wasps because they play a better game. It’s a whole different level of terrible if we cough up the ball every trip down the court. FUCK DUKE!!!!

  3. In Greivis’ defense: His only two games at Cameron before this weekends’ disaster were

    Game 1: 13 points, Win, Freshman
    Game 2: 25 points, loss, Sophomore.

    So it was actually completely accurate. He did own Cameron and now he doesn’t.

  4. I literally want to kill myself every time that peice of shit is on tv. Do earth a favor and leave the hornets and stick to being the waterboy for a d league team.

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