Good to Be Back; I’ve Missed You, Too

Hey! Look who’s back! It’s me, Chris. The other Mottram that’s just like Jamie, but with a drinking problem instead of a baby! You may have noticed that things around here have been less “angry” and more “informative” over the past week or so. How astute of you. This is because I was skiing in Park City, Utah.

Quick, FAQs that should sum up the vacation:

Was it epic? Yes.

Is it true that you saw Sublime out there? False. It was actually the Long Beach Dub All-Stars, a show that would’ve made my head explode on the spot about 10 years ago. It was righteous, nonetheless.

How many celebrities did you spot at your resort? One. Nick Hogan. So actually, zero.

How many drunken locals with mohawk-mullets did you spot drinking 3.2% beer — the legal limit for consumption at bars in Utah — at two in the afternoon? Just this guy:

mohawkmulletutah.jpgYou’ll kindly note the Utah Utes helmet hanging behind the bar. Their logo is JUST LIKE the Redskins, but less racist-y.

So, anywho, how has everyone been? MmmHmm, good, good. Well, nice to be back.

(The youngest Mottram, Beef, models the gnarliness of The Canyons after the jump.)


6 thoughts on “Good to Be Back; I’ve Missed You, Too”

  1. Jamie: No, we saw Hogan coming off the elevator as we were getting on. Yes, they played “Saw Red.”

    Max: Yes.

    Stet: I don’t think most people in Park City are familiar with sports that don’t take place on a mountain. That helmet was the only piece of Utah-related paraphernalia we saw all week. We did, however, see a few Redskins items in one of the dive bars.

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