A Skins Fan’s Guide to the NFL Final Four

landry-hit.jpgThe Cardinals and Eagles play for the Super Bowl on Sunday afternoon. The Redskins beat them both this season; the Eagles twice.

Of course, Washington went 5-8 against the rest, including, as The Player Hater’s Ball points out, 0-2 against the Steelers and Ravens, who face off in the AFC Championship. I’m not sure why this is (particular matchups, I suppose) or what it means (not much), but it seems worth mentioning.

Of greater interest is who to root for. Philly’s not getting our support, so Arizona it is out of the NFC. In the AFC, I don’t particular like Pittsburgh, and their fans tend to be obnoxious; though relative to the Eagles’ base they’re just fine. Yet it’s Baltimore that bothers me more. They’ve commandeered the D.C. region’s CBS airwaves on NFL Sundays, regardless of the quality of their games, for over a decade. And for that they’re unforgiven.

In the end, an Arizona-Pittsburgh Super Bowl seems the best possible outcome, with, ideally, Larry Fitzgerald, going to Disney World. Really though, anyone but Philly.

Poll: I’m curious about this one, so please only vote if you’re a Skins fan …

12 thoughts on “A Skins Fan’s Guide to the NFL Final Four”

  1. I gotta go for the Ravens at this point…..Steelers fans are too much of a festering virus across the nation.

    Plus, a win would go to the heads of Steelers fans more, making them even more obnoxious.

  2. My feelings towards the Ravens are far from hate. It’s just that they’ve robbed the D.C. market of so many good CBS games over the years, and their team has been so boring for most of those years, that I can’t help but be annoyed by them.

    But, yeah, if it’s them vs. Philly, I’ll be watching the Super Bowl in purple-and-gray urban camo.

  3. Well put piece. I agree, anybody but Philly. They don’t deserve one ounce of joy in that hopeless pit of despair they call a city. One championship for baseball is about all i can stomach. Plus, if philly wins it makes the Skins the longest running NFC east team w/o a super bowl win. GO Arizona!! (or as much exclamation as can be put on that statement)

  4. After attending a Ravens ass whooping of my Packers on a frozen Monday night a few years back and getting yelled at by middle aged women in Heap jerseys for 3 hours (Moooove the Chains, First Down!), I never looked at Ravens fans the same again. I was further traumatized by the Camo Zuba pants that were previously referenced by commenters.

    I am just going to root for the Cards to win it all. Oh, Mr. I to your CBS TV point, I concur that Ravens/Bengals or Browns games did not provide much excitement over the years.

    Although, I have similar scorn for Redskins pre and post game shows that have robbed the average DC area fan of NFL double headers for a long time as well.

  5. Not a Skins fan, but today, there will be nothing worse than living between Baltimore and Philadelphia and having to deal with BOTH annoying Ravens fans and annoying Iggles fans.

  6. I don’t want to like the ravens but you have to like the way they play ball and build their team. I really dont like ray ray, but that team is what the skins should be.

  7. TruthAboutIt.net +1.

    The Steelers fan are just too obnoxious. I want to hate the Ravens, but they have a solid franchise and I had a blast at the game in BAL…not one fan was a douche, unlike the CLE, PIT and all other NFC East teams.

  8. The ravens are a model of what the skins should be and its hard to say but they are a better franchise in every way.

    anybody but phiily

  9. I really like the ravens defense, but I’m rooting for arizona all the way…….love kurt warner, fitz, and boldin. plus their D is on fire-

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