Greivis to MD Fans: ‘Shut the Fuck Up!’

greivis-fingers.jpgGreivis Vasquez has always been one of those players that opposing fans love to hate. Problem is, fans of his own team tend to hate him too.

Never was that more evident than Maryland’s win over Georgia Tech in College Park. Terrapins Insider reports:

When Vasquez missed a shot or made a mistake, a cluster of Maryland students either booed the guard or yelled for Vasquez to shape up. And Vasquez responded at least three times by turning toward his classmates (once while dribbling the ball), putting his index finger over his lips and telling them to “Shut the [expletive] up!”

After the game, Vasquez went on to say:

“If they don’t believe in us, they can get the hell out. We don’t need them anyway. We need the people who will support us, who are with us. I know they are all happy now, but they didn’t believe in us when we were down.”

What Vasquez needs to understand is that fans are going to boo and heckle when you average 4.4 turnovers while missing the Tournament and shoot 5-for-21 while losing at home to Morgan State. They’re fans; that’s what fans do. And when it happens, it’s not them who needs to shut the fuck up.

Maryland’s next two games are at Miami and Florida State. They return to College Park to play UVA on the 20th.

Update: This one’s making the rounds, so head to D.C. Sports Bog, The Sporting Blog, Sports by Brooks and Stet Sports for more.

2 thoughts on “Greivis to MD Fans: ‘Shut the Fuck Up!’”

  1. A gem of a quote from the article: “Vasquez said Duke, North Carolina and Virginia Tech have student sections that support their teams regardless of the performance.”
    This kid has proven over and over again that he is fucking stupid. I’m waiting for the day when he can prove that he deserves a starting job on the Terps.
    Three things need to be fixed with this program: Recruiting, recruiting, and Greivis’ allergy to ball control– none of which can be fixed by a well-lubricated Gary Williams driving a well-lubricated Ferrari.

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