Do Not Want: The ‘Palin 12’ Caps Jersey

There was a “Sarah Palin — Vice President” sticker on the car in front of me yesterday. It didn’t even have the top of the ticket on there; just Palin for VP. That driver must’ve really loved Sarah Barracuda, guns, religion, etc. Not as much as this guy Steinz found though:


Epic. Jersey. Fail. There should be separation of sport and state, sure, but 12 is also Peter Bondra’s number, man. Bonzai!

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11 thoughts on “Do Not Want: The ‘Palin 12’ Caps Jersey”

  1. You know what’s sad?

    The “better explanation” is that the guy is a dork and his last name is palin and he put his own last name on the back of a jersey. (apologies to the site’s banner)

  2. For the record, the “Mottram” jersey that sits atop this site doesn’t mean that we own “Mottram” jerseys ourselves. We just thought it was a nice design gimmick, that’s all.

  3. The mindfuck this gave me is similar to the expression I had when i saw Matt Millen on NBC last week talking football.

  4. @ Jamie – I presumed that, but just when I was about to post that earlier, I saw the banner and started laughing. Figured I should acknowledge it.

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