Ovie Will Show You the Kind of Man He Is

ovie-dancing-man.jpgAfter jumping on the Caps bandwagon, commenter Max Wass — whom I’ve met; picture a real-life Max Fischergave us this greeting:

Welcome to the group of Washington Capitals fans, where you are treated with respect by the organization and its owners. This change can be shocking for those used to their experiences with the Redskins … You will cheer for a team run by an incredibly accessible owner and a knowledgeable GM who uses the team’s draft picks smartly and does not spend several hours out of his week hosting a radio show. Don’t worry about losing anything though in the transition; the players are just as quirky …

It’s that last point that’s vital, and backed up by this Russian interview with Alex Ovechkin, from which that screenshot is taken. His “watch me dance” answer is in response to the reporter asking him if there’s anything else he’d like to say. And to that I’d say careful, Ovie. My brother will dance-off your pants off. He once sprained an ankle in a dancing-related injury, and he won’t hesitate to do so again, if it means showing you the kind of man he is.

Update: AO is the only Cap to make this year’s All-Star team.

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