Alexander Ovechkin Will Blow Your Skull

I’m not sure I’ve seen something like this since Mighty Ducks, the movie franchise that beget an actual franchise:

That’s some And 1-on-skates shit right there: flying past one defender, puck handling around another and flicking the biscuit in the basket just before sliding headfirst across the ice. Pretty awesome, right?

When asked how this tally ranks with some of his other classics, [Ovechkin] said “I don’t know. I don’t know. I mean, Top 20?” Scary part is, he might have 19 others that could give it a challenge.

So it was “the best Capitals goal of the season”, but maybe only “top 20” for Ovie. Not a big deal. Nada biggie. Not at all. NBD.

3 thoughts on “Alexander Ovechkin Will Blow Your Skull”

  1. I was there for that goal. Unreal.

    It’s so nice to have the guy on your team who just causes the crowd to get loud every time the guy has the puck. For too long that’s been the guy putting a stake in the Caps’ hearts. Now, he’s ours.

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