Keeping the Enemy Out of the Playoffs

sadraven.jpgNow that the Skins’ season is over* there is one thing left for us to root for: schadenfreude. I’ve taken the liberty of breaking down the ways in which the Eagles, Cowboys and Ravens (their fans have forced me into hating them a good deal) miss the postseason.

Eagles: Lose one of their last two (preferably to the Skins this Sunday) and they’re out no matter what else happens.

Cowboys: Lose to either Baltimore this week OR Philly next week AND Tampa and Atlanta win-out.

Ravens: Lose to either Dallas this week OR Jacksonville next week AND New England wins out and Miami beats K.C. this week.

So, in order for all three to be left out, we want the Eagles to lose this week (obvs), Dallas to beat Baltimore (I know, it’s tough to root for them, but ends justify means), and then the Eagles to beat the Cowboys next week. All of this while rooting hard for Tampa, Atlanta, New England and Miami, all of whom will be favored in their final two games.

It is also nice that this Sunday’s game still means something. That, of course, being the opportunity to ruin Philly’s season.

*Not mathematically over. Here’s a very simple explanation of how they get in: The Skins must win their last two AND have Philly, Tampa, Atlanta all lose their last two and Chicago must lose one of its last two. Easy.

12 thoughts on “Keeping the Enemy Out of the Playoffs”

  1. I think Philly winning last night ended it.

    Dallas and Philly play each other week 17 and even if they tie, it doesnt help.

    I may be wrong cause when your right 76% of the time, your wrong the other 24%,

  2. Ah, sorry, here’s where the confusion occurred: “AND have Philly, Dallas, Tampa, Atlanta all lose their last two …”

    Obviously, Philly and Dallas can’t both lose their last too. So, take out Dallas. We need Philly, Tampa, Atlanta to lose their last two and Chicago to lose one. Correction made in the post.

  3. Baltimore’s already a tough town for a white boy from chevy chase out on the streets…I don’t need it be any tougher with the whole town cranky about the Ravens

  4. Even if they do back into the playoffs, they’ll be crushed. Badly. The cardinals would kick the shit out of them.

  5. I can only speak for the guys Im friends with who are Ravens fans. Theyre mostly intelligent and loyal to a fault, despite the wacky accents. But then again, those fans have an organization to believe in. Fuckers.

  6. Schadenfreude is a beautiful thing. As a Colts fan, however, my loathing of the Pats will have me rooting hard for the Ravens to clinch the 6 spot.

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